Our Staff


Ms S Navin                             HEADTEACHER

Mrs J Gilbert                           DEPUTY HEADTEACHER

Mrs M Bowden                       ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER/Y3 & Y4 TEAM LEADER

Mr A Jones                              ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER/Y5 & Y6 TEAM LEADER

Miss J Lewis                           INCLUSION AND SAFEGUARDING LEADER

Mrs N Lawrence                     KS1 TEAM LEADER/PHONICS LEADER

Miss S Hindson                       EYFS TEAM LEADER



Mrs C Rowbotham                 SENIOR TEACHING ASSISTANT (PASTORAL)

Miss D Ward                           TEACHING ASSISTANT (PASTORAL)

Ms T Trimingham                   COUNSELLOR FOR CHILDREN

Ms G Black                             COUNSELLOR FOR CHILDREN

Mrs E Westerby                     TEACHER (CATCH-UP)

Mrs A Dale                             TEACHING ASSISTANT (EAL)    

Mrs B Kirby                            TEACHING ASSISTANT (SALT)

Mrs B Buckley                        SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPIST

Mr B Whipp                            ICT TECHNICIAN

Mr J Wright                             KS2 SPORTS COACH

Miss S Miller                          KS1 SPORTS COACH

Mr J Hamilton                        EYFS SPORTS COACH

Mrs N Mercer                         ASSISTANT SPORTS COACH

Mrs H Jones                          TEACHING ASSISTANT (INTERVENTION)

Miss C Anthony                     TEACHING ASSISTANT (INTERVENTION)



Mrs W Heap                            SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER

Miss L Day                              DATA MANAGER

Miss M Henshaw                    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT

Mr S Fairhurst                         CARETAKER

Mrs R Brotherton                    SAFEGUARDING (DEPUTY)  



Mrs H Musselle                       NURSERY CLASS TEACHER

Miss S Hindson                       RECEPTION CLASS TEACHER

Mrs S Munro                          RECEPTION CLASS TEACHER

Mrs H Pollitt                           NURSERY CLASS TEACHING ASSISTANT

Miss T Davis                           NURSERY CLASS TEACHING ASSISTANT 

Miss C Walker                        RECEPTION CLASS TEACHING ASSISTANT

Miss A Appleton                     RECEPTION CLASS TEACHING ASSISTANT

Miss L Cooke                         NURSERY & RECEPTION SPECIFIC SUPPORT

Ms K Rivera                           RECEPTION SPECIFIC SUPPORT

Miss E Spencer                      RECEPTION & Y1 TEACHING ASSISTANT (RWI) 




Miss A Ellison                         Y1 CLASS TEACHER

Mrs N Lawrence                     Y1 CLASS TEACHER

Miss R McCullen                   Y2 CLASS TEACHER

Miss N Smith                          Y2 CLASS TEACHER

Miss C Woods                       TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y1)

Miss A Castelluccio               TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y1)

Mrs A Morris                          TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y2)

Miss H Clarkson                     TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y2)

Miss C Simister                       KS1 SPECIFIC SUPPORT

Ms K Sharkey                         KS1 SPECIFIC SUPPORT

Mrs F Farhan                          KS1 SPECIFIC SUPPORT


KS2 TEAM                   

Miss M Lynch                         Y3 CLASS TEACHER

Mrs L Snowden                      Y3 CLASS TEACHER

Mrs M Bowden                       Y4 CLASS TEACHER

Miss P Akhtar                         Y4 CLASS TEACHER  

Mr A Norris                             Y5 CLASS TEACHER

Mr C Davis                             Y5 CLASS TEACHER

Mr A Jones                              Y6 CLASS TEACHER

Mr S Cresswell                        Y6 CLASS TEACHER

Mrs K Hargreaves                   TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y3)

Miss C Batty                            TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y3)

Mrs J Turner                            TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y4)

Miss M Ryan                          TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y4)

Mrs L Lennon                         TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y5)

Mr K McCall                          TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y5)

Mrs S Appleby                        TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y6)

Miss N Aslam                         TEACHING ASSISTANT (Y6)

Miss S Withington                  TEACHING ASSISTANT (KS2 specific support)



Contact us

Park View Community Primary School

Varley Street
Miles Platting
M40 7EJ

For queries- Mrs W Heap

Phone: 0161 519 8562

Mobile: 07541 541 408

Headteacher: Ms S Navin

General Enquiries: Mrs W Heap

SEND Enquiries: Miss J Lewis

Chair of Governors: Mrs B Kinch

Email: admin@parkview.manchester.sch.uk

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