Weather watch - ICE!

Date: 18th Jan 2023 @ 7:38pm

With our topic this half term being 'seasons and the natural world' we were delighted when we had some snow last week! A real taste of winter!

The children enjoyed playing, drawing, touching, jumping, and talking about it. We decided to introduce some coloured ice into our 'tactile tub'. This inspired lots of language and also a science experiment this week.......

"the ice is melting"

"there's water inside the ice"

"it's melting when you put the water on the top"

"it's cracking"

"it's melting look when I mix it"

We described what the ice looked like and how it felt......"hard, cold, wet, slippery, see through, white, silver, shiny"

The children made some predictions of how long it would take to melt "65 days.....1 day...ages......8 days"

We also talked about different ways that the ice would melt quicker, the children came up with some suggestions...."a hairdryer, have the heating on, the sunshine, hot water, more water on it"



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