Date: 11th Jan 2022 @ 3:52pm

Good afternoon grown ups! 

Today has been very exciting in the Nursery classroom. We've been reading a book called The Disgusting Sandwich so we decided to make our own (although a bit less disgusting!). 

We spent some time talking about food hygiene and how important it was to wash our hands. To help the children learn the importance of this, we have set up an experiment. We took 3 pieces of bread and one piece was handled with dirty hands, one piece was handled with sanitiser hands and the other piece was handled by the very clean and soapy hands of Mrs Davies! We've left them on the wall to see what will happen. The children thought that the bread would go 'mouldy' and that the dirty hands bread would be mouldier than the others. 

Once we had cleaned our hands, we then made the sandwiches. We made jam, cheese, tuna, egg and cucumbers sandwiches. During snack and chat time the children had the chance to taste the different flavours of sandwiches. Every child tried at least one flavour and really enjoyed it. Cucumber sandwiches were a surpise hit!! 

Enjoy the photographs and maybe take the time to talk to your child about their activities today.

Mrs Musselle

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