Celebrating Diwali

Date: 1st Nov 2022 @ 8:13am

Today Miss Kaur spoke about her Hindu faith and the celebration of Diwali.  We looked at some of the clothes she wore as part of her celebration, some of the figures that she worshiped and heard a special story all about Rama and Sita. We also smelt and tasted some food and had a chance to try on some of her special garments. She even gave us a little dance!! Thank you Miss Kaur.

For the rest of the week the classroom has been full of opportunities for the children to learn about Diwali, colour and light.


"we tried some special food"

"we put some scarves on"

"people have a candle"

"they dance"

"they give presents"

"and they do fireworks"

"Mrs Kaur and Haniya have this (pointing to mendhi hands)

"my mummy did this mendhi, I did Diwali"


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