Writing begins in our nursery class where children are taught to hold a pencil properly, 'mark make' in play and to form letters correctly. This progresses through to reception classes, where more formal writing activities take place through the Read Write Inc. programme. Throughout the school children are taught how to form letters, write neatly and clearly. They are taught  grammar, punctuation and spelling via the Read Write Inc. and Literacy and Language programmes alongside how to structure and compose texts from a wide range of genres. Writing at Park View is not confined to English lessons! Children write in all curriculum areas, for a range of purposes and audiences and are taught to identify grammatical features and improve their own work through self assessment and respond to the feedback given by their teachers and support staff working in their classes. 

Writing is always taught in a context and children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their 'talk for writing' through carefully structured speaking and listening activities.

Much of the homework set centres around reading and writing as we believe these skills are essential to future success. Parents can help by talking to their children about their homework, asking them to read out what they have written and explain any new or tricky vocabulary. At home, help your children to write shopping lists, thank you cards and letters. This is real writing for a real purpose and  will not only help your children to practise their basic skills but will show your child how writing is an important life skill.

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