Q: How do I apply for a school place?

A: For a nursery place contact the school directly. For a school place contact Manchester City Council (http://www.manchester.gov.uk/admissions).

Q: How do I get school meals for my child?

A: When you register your child at school you will be asked if you would like you child to have a school dinner. All you need to do is to indicate that you would like to order dinners and the school does the rest. You may be entitled to claim free school meals. Again, when you apply for a place, the school staff will support you in completing the paperwork to claim free school meals.

Q: Where do I buy the school uniform?

A: You can buy the most of the uniform directly from the school office. Call into the office when you drop off your child, order what you need and pay. Your order will be ready for you to collect at the end of the school day.

Q: What do I do if my child is ill and cannot attend school?

A: Phone  school when the office opens at 8.30am. Give your child's name, class and the nature of his/her illness. 

Q: Can I take my child out of school for medical appointments?

A: You are expected to make medical appointments outside school hours but if this is not possible, you must bring in your child's appointment card or letter into the school office before the appointment date. The school office staff will make a note that they have seen evidence of the appointment and note that in the school register.

Q: How will the school communicate with me?

A: For urgent communication we will phone you directly on the phone number we have on record. It is important that you let the office staff know when you change your number. For non-urgent communication you will receive ParentMail text alerts or letters. It is important that you register to receive these text alerts when you register your child at school.

Q: What are the start and finish times for the school day?

A: The doors open at 8.50am for all children and the start of the day bell rings at 9.00am. Any children arriving after the bell are marked as late. Finish times are staggered. For children in EYFS the school day ends at 3.00pm; for KS1 it is 3.10pm and for KS2 it is 3.15pm. Please make sure that you are on the school premises a few minutes before the end of the day to collect your child on time.

Q: How do I speak to my child's teacher?

A: Teachers are available at the end of the day for a quick chat. If you need more time, please call the school office to arrange an appointment to see your child's teacher. There are two teacher/parent meetings each year; one in the autumn term and one in the spring. In the summer term your will receive a written end of year report and there is a chance to meet the teacher to discuss the report.

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