Week 3 Resource Pack - Pencil Control

Date: 28th Feb 2021 @ 4:52pm

I have been blown away by the things that you have been doing with your resource packs!

Well done everybody!

This week you will find pencil control materials in your resource pack - pencil, sharpener, whiteboard, whiteboard pen and some sheets to practise. 

I have also included a sheet which explains how children hold their pencil at certain ages. It is really important that before the children enter Reception that they have moved from a whole hand grasp to a tripod or pincer grip on their pencil. In class, I call this 'quack quack' fingers. 

If your child is showing a preference for their left hand then let them do this, it will not hinder them in any way moving through school. If your child isn't showing a preference and switches between both hands, that is also fine at the moment. Try and ask them which one feels most comfortable and they will eventually choose a side. 

As always, we will check in with you during our calls to find out how you have been getting on. 


Mrs Musselle

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