Useful Learning Websites

Date: 24th Nov 2020 @ 2:03pm

Useful Websites


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a reading platform. Click on the pink 'My Pupil Page' icon at the top and use the following username and password to access a library of online story books for the children to read after they have finished the reading books from school. Check the school book colour band or age range to match the online book levels.

username: pvcsyear2

password: pvcsyear2



BBC Teach

BBC Teach has a wide variety of writing challenges and learning techniques. allow your child to choose from any of the videos to learn more about writing and challenge them to write short traditional tales, fables, fact files and even comic stories.


Letter Join

Letter join is an intereactive way for your child to practise their handwriting at home. All they need is a tablet or a computer and they can login using the username and password below. Children can either use a tablet stylus pen/apple pencil if you have one or they can use their fingers. If you have access to a printer there are also printable worksheets that you can use.

username: eg9921

password: home




Top Marks

Top Marks is a fantastic free website full of fun learning games to help your child improve their numeracy recall. click from the options near the top to change from 'counting' to 'times tables', 'addition and subtraction' or 'money' etc depending on what your child is working on in school.




Explorify is a great website to help children explore their understanding of science and the world around them. You can sign up for a free account using an email address. Once logged in the children can complete activities such as short videos, spotting the 'odd one out' and 'what happens next?' challenges.


Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a fantastic portal where children can access activities and games to promote their in school learning. Children will need to use their username and password which can be found on the inside cover of their green homework books.

Once logged in, children can complete tasks in reading, writing, maths, computing, science, art or topic and then save it for their teacher to access and give feedback.

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