Speech Sound Activities

Date: 3rd Jun 2020 @ 11:00am

Many children at Nursery age struggle with pronouncing some of their sounds. This is very common for children of this age and some sounds they won't secure until around age 5 or 6. 

Here are some activites you can do at home with your child to help them with any specific sounds that they may find difficult. 


Sometimes children may say a word incorrectly by using the incorrect sound in the word. If this happens, let them know that you understand them and then model the correct pronunciation. Here is an example. 

Child: A tup 

Parent: Yes, that's a cup. 

You could then extend the speech by adding some extra words.

Parent: That's Ben's cup. 

Silly Sensible Game

Children need to be able to hear the sounds properly before they can then repeat them correctly. This game helps them to listen out for incorrect sounds. You will need a puppet or teddy and some objects of pictures. 

Explain that the teddy is going to say some words but that he is still learning to talk so may get some wrong. The child just needs to say yes or no to tell the teddy if he got it right or not! Here is an example. 

Start by making the mistakes very obvious such as calling a carrot a 'flippot'. Laugh along with the child, make it fun and let the teddy try again until he gets it right. 

As the child becomes more confident make the mistakes more difficult to spot. For example 'tarrot' instead of carrot. Try and use some examples that you may have heard your child say. 

If you have any more specific concerns or would like some more ideas, please do not hesitate to email me at n@parkview.manchester.sch.uk or mention it when one of the Nursery team ring you during the week. 

Mrs Musselle


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