RP and RV half term project

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 1:03pm

Hello Boys and Girls....are you still missing school? I am missing you all so much and am slowly beginning to forget what you look like! 

Therefore over the holidays, I would like you to draw me a self portrait. That means a picture of your face! Don't forget to include al your facial features in the right place and to use the right colours.

Around the outside and the edges of your paper, I would like you to decorate/collage with lots of things that are special to you. For example, if your favourite colour is pink, you may want to stick something pink on yor paper. If your favourute chocolate bar is a twix, you may want to stick a wrapper on to decorate you picture.

I will try and do one too and then we can be sure you don't forget me either!

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