Earth Day 2022

Date: 22nd Apr 2022 @ 12:08pm

Today we have celebrated Earth Day. The children have taken part in lots of different activities related to how we can look after our planet.

"trees are good coz they give you air" - Lynton

"does that mean that glass is made from sand then?" - Maleigha

"when you go to bed, you turn the light off coz otherwise the electricity will go" - Lynton

"I put my crisp packet in the bin coz you're not supposed to put it on the floor" - Bobbi

"bike ride is better for us than a car coz its better for us coz you get fresh air, but make sure you wear a helmet" - Lynton

"the Earth is a planet, the Earth is a round circle that's green and blue" - Coen

"They are recycle bins, recycle means you can use it again" Aliza

"If we don't pick up wrappers, it will go down the drain and into the sea and hurt animals, my mum taught me to take care of the Earth" - Tayon

"we can't see without the sun, we can see the moon from Earth" - Alex

During circle time, we discussed what things exist on Earth;

"cars, animals, trees, leaves, food, houses, sea creatures, vehicles, insects, birds, shops, traffic lights, beach, people, sun, sky, roads"

Comments from RP

"Earth is a planet"

"Earth is where we live"

"We can travel to Earth in a rocket"

"Manchester is on Earth"


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