Date: 13th Feb 2023 @ 4:17pm

Following on from the children's interest in dinosaurs and wanting to find out more information about them, we added some dinosaurs to the classroom including a 'dinosaur dig / fossil hunting' area, dinosaur themed stories, small world dinosaurs and dinosaur puppet making. The childrens challenges this week were to write about and describe dinosaurs and also to make a dinosaur puppet and use their imagination to create their own dinosaur stories.

Here are some photos and children's thoughts, comments and ideas; 

“they live a long time ago”

“it's a dinosaur skeleton”

“I don’t like dinosaurs coz they scare me, they have big legs and big teeth and big claws and big tail”

“I read a dinosaur book, dinosaurs are dangerous, they live a long time ago, no humans just only dinosaurs and volcanoes and the volcano comes and the dinosaurs disappear”

“my dinosaur puppet is going on an adventure to a far away land”

“he go to the volcano to find some leaves to eat with the t-rex and the t-rex will eat them and they live in the dinosaurland”

“they live 100 years ago in the forest but we weren’t around coz they might eat us and we will die”

“rarrrr, this one dinosaur”

“it’s a dinosaur museum” “It’s a museum, I see bones and a t-rex bones”

"A paaeleontoglist is where they find dinosaur bones”

What is a fossil? “it’s a shell” Where do we find them? “On the beach”


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