Challenges and Ice Cream treats

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 11:47am

Hello grown ups!

Now that we are getting bigger, we are doing our challenges in school to help us grow our brains!

Last week, our challenges were to:

  • Practise our counting with a grown up
  • Make a lovely Mothers Day card

We all worked very hard on our challenges and got a special Friday treat - Ice Cream!

Look how much we enjoyed our ice cream. 

This week our challenges are:

  • Practise comparing numbers and reading numerals with a grown up
  • To be able to put our coats on indepdentently. 

Our challenge treat this week is to decorate cakes. 

Ask us how we are doing with our challenges at home. 


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Zara Hussain wrote:

Awwww how cute are those photos ! Those ice creams look delicious !! Xxx