Date: 21st Mar 2022 @ 5:57pm

Today, our Caretaker Mr Fairhurst ran into class and explained that he had just seen what looked like a spaceship and an alien land on the school roof!!!! He ran outside to take a look but couldn't see anything. The children decided to take a look for themselves but all we could find were a few clues and had to think about what it might have been and what did they want at our school. 

This inspired the children to do lots of detective work and created lots of language and discussion opportunities. Here are some of the children's thoughts and ideas....

"I don't know what it could be"

"the aliens up there near the moon"

"I think it's up near the clouds"

"I think they're back in space, that's their home"

"I'm scared of aliens"

"I like aliens, they're my friend"

"I can see a spaceship, it's moving"

"the alien went into our woods to find sticks to build a fire, so that he can be nice and warm"

"they might have dropped a clue or a map"

"this could be a clue, it could be their food" (pine cone and a leaf)

"we need some binoculars"

"I found something shiny on our castle, it could be a clue"

Where do you think aliens come from? "Mars....the moon.....Venus"

"maybe the alien wanted to play with our toys.....or steal our toys"

"maybe they're going to come and eat our dinner"

"maybe they don't know how to write, we could teach them with our fred fingers"

"I can see stripes in the sky, maybe that's where they came from"

We will keep you posted if there is any more peculiar "space / alien activity" here at Park View! 


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